How Onsite Dental Care is Changing Northern Nevada

June 21, 2021

If you’re back at work in your office or still working from home, it can be hard to find the right time to get into a regular dental cleaning. Clinics across Northern Nevada are now seeing patients again and, sometimes, it can take a while before you’re back in the doctor’s chair. 

Other people may be working too far from a clinic - or you choose to not sacrifice their lunch break. 

Going to the dentist should not be a challenge.

That’s where we at Drop-In Dental are reinventing the way you get that much needed dental care.

Who We Are?

We are a mobile dentistry clinic that provides full-service dental care! 

From check-ups, cleaning and x-rays - our clinic literally moves to where it’s convenient for your company.

Our goal is to get your staff onsite dental care that makes regular cleaning and check-ups less of a scheduling conflict and more of a personal priority. 

Dr. Veronika Vazquez has more than seven years of experience in the field of dentistry. Originally from San Francisco, where she ran her own private practice, her idea of turning dentistry into a mobile-setting has now come to life here in Northern Nevada. 

Learn more about our team.

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How Onsite Dental Services Work: 

  • Select the Book Now button and select your employer.
  • After selecting your employer, select an available date and time. 
  • Once you select your appointment slot, fill out your patient forms and insurance information and hit submit. 
  • On your scheduled service day, our medical service van will be parked right outside your office building. It’s that easy!

Can’t find your employer? Share this post with your company’s Human Resources department to become our next onsite dental client. 

Where can you find us?

We have worked closely with businesses in both Northern Nevada and California since we started in 2020.

Drop-In Dental currently has partnered with Whole Foods Reno, The University of Nevada, Reno - School of Medicine, Health Communities Coalition,

and Clearwater at Rancharrah. At these locations, we’ve set up our mobile dentistry van to give each of their staff access to our services.

We have a number of dental clinics coming up this Summer. 


To stay up-to-date with us, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn at @DropInDental. 


Click here for more information on our events! 

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