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Maintain Your Dental Health with Drop in Dental

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Expanded Access to Care

Uses existing benefits to cover services
Encourages employees to stay healthy
Identifies dental issues before they become more serious and costly
Identifies related health issues
increased productivity

Improve Employee Productivity

Onsite services allow employees to receive top quality care without having to commute or take time off
Dental health issues are often neglected and lead to more time off when issues become more serious
employee retention

Increase Employee Retention

Onsite care provides differentiated approach to competitor offerings
Comprehensive health care offerings communicate that the company cares about well being of their staff

How It Works

Employer coordinates with Drop In Dental to schedule date for onsite visit
Employer sends email to staff introducing service and booking link
Employees use the online scheduler to book appointments at their convenience
Dental staff arrive on the agreed upon day and provide dental services to employees
Exams, dental cleanings, and radiograph services are covered by existing insurance
Referrals will be provided for urgent dental needs that cannot be treated onsite.

What we offer

We provide quality oral health care using the latest dental technology. We provide dental exams, cleanings and x-rays. We are 100% paperless using digital radiographs and cloud-based dental management software. We refer patients to the best specialists in your region and follow-up on care received for 60 days.
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