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Dental Care Direct to Your Community

We partner with Senior Residental Commuities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, schools and community non-profit organizations to bring much needed dental care to the patients that need it the most. We are Medicare and Medicaid providers. We do not bill traditional dental insurance companies, but we're happy to collect payments at time of service. Plus, we can give you a bill so you can collect payments if you have traditional dental insurance.


We use x-rays to gather information about what’s happening below the tooth’s surfaces, to evaluate what’s happening between the teeth, to assess the health of existing fillings, and to rule out abnormalities in the jaw bone. As a bonus, our x-rays are all digital, so sending them to you or a specialist is a snap.

Deep Cleanings:

Our qualtified hygientists provide deep cleanings under local anesthetia using ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove buil-up and stains on teeth.

dental extractions:

We specialize in pain-free surgical and non-surgical extractions under local anesthesia. In our Senior Communities, we partner with geriatric doctors to make sure all medically compromoised patients are treated with abundant care.

Dental Partials:

We partner with local dental labs to fabricate cosmetic dental partials. A partial is a denture that replaces the missing teeth when someone still has multiple natural teeth remaining. It is removable, not attached permanently to the teeth or jawbones.


Our hard working lab techs help us deliver well-fitting dentures. Dentures are removable dental appliances that are constructed to replace all missing teeth on one or both arches of the mouth. They are made of prosthetic or artificial teeth that are only attached to a supporting structure, making them removable.


We understand that dental emergencies can be terrifying. When they happen, our mobile dentists are here to help—whether by getting you scheduled for immediate care in our practice, or by coordinating with our trusted specialists. Simply put: If you’ve got a dental issue, we can help get you the solution. Emergency issues we often see include:
Chipped Teeth
Loose Crowns
Missing Fillings
Root Canals
Broken Retainers
Bleeding or Swollen Gums

dental extractions:

Pediatric Dentistry in the Schools

We’re able to provide comprehensive dental care for your children in our mobile unit. We offer specialized services for children under the age of 17. For more complex issues, we work closely with a handpicked group of pediatric specialists who we'll help you coordinate with. Our mobile dentistry family services include:
Kids’ Cleanings:
We provide cleanings for kids, just like we do for adults. Our kids' cleanings include x-rays to check on tooth development, and extra encouragement for keeping up good brushing and flossing habits at home.
Fluoride Treatments
We use Fluoride applications to deliver extra strength to your child’s developing teeth.
Receiving a dental filling is a way to restore the tooth after a dental cavity or tooth decay. When the bacteria in your child's mouth combines with sugar from the foods they eat, it creates an acid which eats away at tooth structure. A filling restores this. We only use white, composite fillings.
We use sealants as a non-invasive approach to protect against cavities as your child's adult teeth begin to erupt.
Referrals to Specialists
We’ve handpicked a group of specialists, including pediatric dentists and orthodontists, to help coordinate more complex care for your child.
A pediatric tooth extraction is a simple dental procedure that involves taking out a tooth from the bone socket.

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