Covid-19 Safety Measures

All our staff is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We also do not have a waiting room, our van is well-ventilated, and daily temperature readings are taken for all our team members and patients. We have also enhanced our safety measures and disinfect between patients using an airborne disinfectant fogger. 


Frequently Asked QUestions

How will productivity be affected by scheduling services during business hours?

In our experience, employees appreciate the flexibility provided by their employer and will work to make up down-time related to visit
On average, services take about 60 minutes per employee
On-site services take less time than employee taking time off work to seek services elsewhere

What resources do I need to provide as an employer for this service?

Communicate service to employees and email scheduling link
Provide Drop In Dental staff with Wi-Fi and restroom access.

Is our company going to incur any cost for onsite dental services?

Dr. Vazquez and Drop In Dental staff are fully insured and their coverages follow her and staff wherever the mobile unit delivers care.

Would our company be liable for anything related to providing these services?

No. This service is completely free to the employer. Employee’s existing dental insurance will cover services provided at the work site.
Drop-In Medical
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