Drop-In Dental: Convenient Onsite Workplace Health

August 24, 2021

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees working at the office may have had to postpone getting routine health exams, including visiting the dentist. Fortunately for Northern Nevadans, there is Drop In Dental, a mobile dentistry clinic providing full-service dental care that happens right outside your office building! We take the hassle out of trying to schedule your next dental appointment, by bringing the convenience of routine cleanings and checkups to employees right outside their office, when they want it. 

How We Work

There are six important components of how we work that you should know: 

1- The company’s HR coordinates with Drop-In Dental to schedule the date for an onsite visit

2- The employer sends an email to their staff introducing our service and including a booking link

3- Employees can use the online scheduler to book appointments at their convenience

4- Dental staff arrive at the worksite on the agreed upon day, and provide dental services to employees

5- Existing insurance covers exams, cleanings, and radiograph services

6- Referrals are provided for urgent dental needs that can’t be treated onsite 

 Why Employers Should Choose Drop-In Dental

Drop In Dental improves employee productivity through onsite services providing top quality care, so employees don’t have to commute or take time off for their dental health care. In addition, dental issues are often neglected which can lead to the need for more time off when serious issues arise. When an employer coordinates with Drop In Dental for their employees, this further communicates that the company cares about the wellbeing of their staff, which leads to increased employee retention rates at the company. 

Even Big Tech Companies Use Mobile Dentistry Services At Their Workplace

According to MarketWatch, there are already many companies such as Google and Yahoo utilizing mobile dental services in their many locations. Tech companies like these partner with health service companies, like Drop In Dental, that offer mobile health vans to corporations. What’s really neat about the mobile dental trucks are that they resemble and have many of the same qualities of a brick and mortar dentistry office, just smaller. They also perform nearly identical services as that of a traditional dentist office, minus some very complicated specialty procedures. While the mobile dentistry practice isn’t new, it is becoming more popular today, especially with patients having less time to leave work and go to an appointment, deal with a longer commute, and the scheduling conflicts that can happen from having to book an appointment at the traditional dentist office. Mobile dental service companies are adding more corporate clients every year, and this practice is gaining traction. More employees are now taking advantage of how much easier than ever it is to see a dentist for regular dental care. 

To learn more about Drop In Dental’s practice, visit us online at dropindental.com or call us at (775)-453-0142. And remember, our goal is to make employee dental cleanings and checkups less of a scheduling conflict and more of a personal priority! 

Drop-In Medical
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